This page provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions received from customers concerning the use of Doddle.

If you have any further questions or concerns about Doddle, please contact [email protected], or get in touch with your club directly.

What information can I see on Doddle?

From your Doddle dashboard (home screen), you will be able to see:

  • Your family – basic information about your family, including the number of family members on Doddle, account admins, and the date that you joined
  • Family diary – an overview of any upcoming classes or events
  • Working towards – a snapshot of the goals that you and your family are working towards with each club

To the top of the page, you will see menu items for:

  • My family
  • My classes
  • My account

If you click on my family you will see, to the left-hand side, details about you, the account admin. From here, you can edit your details, or add new family members. To the right, Doddle will list all existing family members. Again, there is an option to edit if any of the information is incorrect, or if you need to add medical information, for example. It is important that information on Doddle is correct and kept up-to-date so that clubs can contact you should there be any changes to your classes, and are aware of any medical conditions that may affect your participation in activities.

From the my classes page, you will be able to see all classes that your family members have booked to attend, or have attended previously. For most clubs, bookings will be grouped into terms. If you click on Full class details beside each term, you will see all the classes within that block. Beside each class, there will be a note to say whether the class was attended, cancelled, or missed. You will also see, to the left of the screen, additional information about your booking – number of lessons in the term, day, time, instructor, venue, and payment information. Clicking on the venue name will allow you to see more information about that venue, including details regarding parking, how to find it and gain access, changing facilities, and viewing areas.

The my account page is where you will find more information about your account. This includes:

  • Balances – all debits and credits that have been applied to your account, refunds paid, and any outstanding balances (more on this below)
  • Payment card – the card that is registered to your account, and the ability to update it
  • Marketing preferences for each club

Further down the screen, you will be able to see details of your subscriptions with various clubs, as well as payment history. If there are any outstanding balances, you will be able to clear them here.

Can you explain the balances, subscriptions and payment history sections

These sections can be found on the my account page. The balances section simply shows which clubs you have subscriptions with, the cost of your classes (debits), payments received (credits), and any refunds that have been applied. Based on this information, Doddle will calculate your balance with each club, and will tell you your overall account balance. Your balance with individual clubs will be displayed in red if you are in debit, and blue if you are in credit; your overall balance will be red for debit, and green for credit (more on this below).

Scrolling down the page, you will see subscriptions for each of your clubs. For example:

Nemo Group

The monthly amount, (£44.13 pm, for example) will also be displayed, as well as the date that subscription was activated. Finally, you will see a status column, which will detail whether there are any outstanding payments, and give you the option to pay now.

The payment history section, at the bottom of the page, shows all payments that you have made to each of your clubs, along with a note to say whether or not each payment has been successful.

How do I know how much I am being charged for lessons?

If you go to the my classes section and click on Full class details beside the booking in question, you will see the per class and total term costs. Please note that the total term cost will include booking fees, but the per lesson cost will not. You will also be able to see details regarding how you are paying for these lessons, and the status (i.e. any outstanding payments).

Although a full term of lessons has been debited to your account, this does not necessarily mean that you are committed to all these lessons. If, for whatever reason, you decide you do not want to continue your lessons, some clubs will allow you to give notice to cancel your subscription midway through the term. Please contact your club for more information, or if you have any questions regarding class or term costs, or payments.

How are my monthly subscription payments calculated?

Instead of asking customers pay for lessons on a term-by-term of half term-by-half term basis, Doddle clubs offer a monthly subscription to allow you to spread the cost of classes. Each club will have a per lesson fee. To calculate your monthly subscription, they will look at how many lessons that expect you to attend should you stay with them for a full year. They then calculate how much you will spend based on this information, and divide that figure by 12.

Please note that, although the per lesson costs quoted on each of your term bookings does not include a booking fee, your monthly subscription will include a fee of 3.9% plus 20p.

You will only ever be charged for lessons that you have booked but, because the cost is spread across 12 months of the year, you will be asked to make payments even when you are not attending lessons for this month. This might happen if your club runs lessons during term time only, for example.

My Doddle account says that my account is in debit; what does this mean?

The majority of Doddle clubs operate a subscription-based payment model. This means that, rather than paying term-by-term, the clubs will collect payment via regular monthly subscriptions. This allows you to spread the cost of classes, and removes the headache of having to rebook at the end of each term.

Towards the beginning of each term, a debit will be added to your account. This simply means that your club has booked you onto lessons for the term ahead, and has calculated how much you owe as a result. As and when your monthly payments are collected, this debit will reduce in size. There is nothing that you need to do, so long as your club can collect your payments each month as agreed.

There is a credit on my Doddle account; what does this mean?

As we get to the end of each term, you may notice that your account is in credit. This is because your monthly payments have now covered the cost of the existing term of lessons, and you are waiting for the next block to be added to your account. When this happens, your account will show a debit (see above).

My payment has been unsuccessful; what do I need to do next?

If, for whatever reason, a club is unable to collect a payment from you, you will be sent an automated email from Doddle. If this happens, you will see an outstanding balance when you sign in to your Doddle account. To clear this balance, and ensure that future payments can be processed correctly, please check your account details at my.whatadoddle.co.uk. Please note that Doddle will continue to attempt to take payment until the outstanding balance is cleared.

Please note that your payment may have failed for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Your card has expired, or has been cancelled
  • You have recently moved house, and the address on your Doddle account does not match that information held by your card issuer
  • There are insufficient funds in your account
  • Your card issuer’s fraud detection team did not recognise the payment, and blocked it as a result

If you are unsure as to what you need to do next, please contact your club directly.

I believe that my monthly payment is incorrect; what should I do?

Please contact your club, and they will advise.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled?

If a club ever has to cancel a lesson, a credit will be added to your Doddle account. Your monthly payments will not be affected.

What happens if I decide I do not want to continue with my lessons with a club?

If you decide, for whatever reason, that you do not wish to continue lessons with a club, you will need to contact that club directly. Some clubs will require that you give notice. Once given, the club will work out when your last lesson will take place, and will calculate any refunds that are owed to you; these will be paid back to your card as soon as possible.

Got any other questions?

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this document, please contact [email protected]. Any queries relating to subscriptions, payments, or bookings should be made directly to your club.