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All in one place

We think sorting your activities should be easy. We bring everything you need to sort you and your family’s activities together – so you can find, book and manage them, all in one place. Now that’s what we call a Doddle!

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Manage bookings

With Doddle, managing bookings for you and your family has never been easier – we make it so that you can use Doddle to find, book, pay for and keep track of all your bookings, so you always know what you’re doing on what day, when and where!

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Make safe payments

Our online payment system is easy, quick and most importantly – very safe! Whether your activities require one-off payments, weekly fees or monthly subscriptions, we provide a simple and safe way to make your payments and keep track of what’s been paid. Doddle keeps you on track thanks to a comprehensive payment history managing all your payments for all your activities.

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Stay connected

Doddle makes it so that you can stay connected with the relevant people in each of your clubs, classes and activities! This means you can find out times, places and important notifications direct from your instructors, as well as being able to track all progress and monitor achievements.

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