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All in one place

There’s a whole lot of time, effort and hard work that goes into managing clubs, classes or general activities. We bring everything you need together – so you can manage your bookings, take payments, keep track of them and share information, all in one place. Now that’s what we call a Doddle!

All in one place

Manage bookings

With Doddle, managing your bookings means being able to see who has booked, when they are coming, how much has been paid and what spaces are available. We offer a range of handy tools and reports that can give you everything you need to run your club easily and efficiently.

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Track payments

Our online payment system means you can provide a simple and quick way for your customers to pay for your services, as well as a way to receive and keep track of your payments. Whether you charge a one-off payment, weekly fee or offer a monthly subscription, we make it easy – for both you and your customers.

Manage Bookings

Build relationships

Doddle makes it so that the process of sharing information with your customers has never been easier – for class dates, venue updates, general reminders, cancellations and more. Our ‘Doddle for clubs’ members can also utilise the platform to help customers track their progress and monitor achievements.

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